Adam Roach and his students’ outstanding results

Posted on September 9, 2016

After the release of the official results for the Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Examination Board (ANZCA), Adam Roach could barely contain himself from jumping for joy.

Adam is one of the Yousician Distinguished Educators, and he is owner and teacher at Roach Music School in Melbourne, Australia. He started introducing Yousician in his classes after the summer of 2015: “I use it to get my students to play the songs and the missions in their lessons, and to keep track of their scores“.

By doing this he managed to improve students commitment, particularly after the guitar lesson ends: “They can go home and practice through Yousician, and see if they can better their scores before the following lesson. I also have a student ranking on the website that they can check at any time”.

Adam knew that Yousician was helping his students get better, particularly with their timing and the clarity of the notes played. Yet he did probably not expect their improvement to be so concretely measurable.

In the last ANZCA exam, my students scored between 94-99 out of 100, achieving Honours and First Class Honours in Performance Exams. This makes me incredibly proud, considering the average result for such type of exams would be around 75-85”.

The ANZCA exams are held in Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia, and they offer innovative examinations that include either practical, written or performance where students and their teachers can choose from a wide variety within each syllabus.

We are proud of Adam and his students, that was indeed an outstanding result. And we are very happy to hear Yousician continues to help students in their learning experience.

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