Guitar Starz Club Enjoys Huge Success with Yousician

Posted on April 12, 2016

Juan Valencia, or Mister V. as his students affectionately call him, is the founder of Guitar Starz Club. Over 100 students in Toronto, Canada are learning to play the guitar thanks to Guitar Starz Club. Juan has been teaching guitar for many years. It wasn’t until he discovered Yousician by pure coincidence that took his teaching to a new level. His students have never been motivated more. Now they’re eager to practice at home between lessons, allowing Juan to cover new material in class rather than going over previous lessons again and again.

Guitar Starz Club adopted the Yousician method as their primary way of teaching. Every student uses the app to practice between lessons, and the results speak for themselves. We are delighted for the success of Juan and his students, and couldn’t be more thrilled when we saw them on the Daytime Durham TV Show.
Thank you Juan for being an amazing teacher and an inspiration to so many eager guitar students!