Improving progress and practice between lessons

Posted on October 14, 2015

by Adam Roach, Guitar Instructor, Roach Music School, Melbourne, Australia

I have been using Yousician now for 3 months in the classroom with my students at the schools I teach at, and I have seen a huge improvement in their playing, especially with their timing and dedication towards practicing.

I still have a few students that do not have Yousician yet, and I have noticed that their progress over the last few months has been much slower compared to those using Yousician.

Part of this is about the amount of practice between lessons – recently we just had school holidays and usually the students do not seem to practice due to other activities or sports. But this time I found nearly all the students that have Yousician practiced nearly everyday to get higher in the levels, which was something I gave them for homework (fun time) over the holidays!

Having the teacher dashboard (No longer supported) has also been another great advantage for my teaching and preparation for the students lessons each week. I can check the night before how each student has progressed through the levels or things they might be having trouble with, and then we can work on different techniques to help them master each level. It also boosts their practice too, as they know I’ll be checking to see how they’re going.

Try it out with your class and let us know what you think.

Yousician is free to use for iOSAndroidMacPC and Linux. If you’re a music teacher, you can signup for Yousician for Teachers (No longer supported). View your students’ progress. Motivate them with fun homework. Boost their practice between lessons. See them get better faster. Your students and their parents will thank you for it.

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