New Artist Spotlight Course: Juanes

Posted on November 12, 2021

We’re partnering with Duolingo and Juanes to show the world how to speak the universal language of music!

Playing music empowers you to communicate in a whole new way, in a language everyone can understand. In his new Spotlight course, multi Grammy- and Latin Grammy-winner Juanes shows you how to speak music like a rockstar. With content in both English and Spanish, you’ll learn to play some of his best-known songs, with tips and tricks to inspire you on your own creative journey.

Juanes will also appear in Duolingo’s podcast Relatos en Inglés on November 17. Be sure to check out both to learn more about how language and music can expand how we express ourselves.

We hope you enjoy the new Spotlight course! Sign up now for an extended two-week free trial.

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