How much is playing the guitar worth to you?

Posted on October 24, 2013

Playing the guitar is one of the greatest hobbies in the world, has been for centuries. It is fun, creative, social and simply awesome. For many of us it stays a hobby for a lifetime. Games come and games go, but the skill to play a real instrument may bring you joy for a lifetime. A good guitar player will hear regularly people saying, “I’d pay anything to play like that”. So how much is guitar learning worth?

Private classes and self-learning are not suitable for everyone
Out of all people that start playing an instrument, up to 85% quit, usually in the beginner phase. Self-learning on YouTube or DVDs is affordable and flexible but often not very motivating or fun. Private lessons given by a great teacher can be very effective, but are costly and rely on a fixed schedule. If you ask the “successful” 15% musicians out there, most of them either had an incredible self-determination or an amazing teacher. However, to make this hobby accessible for a wider audience, the traditional means of learning are very limited.

GuitarBots: anyone can learn to play!
Learning to play the guitar can be more affordable and flexible than lessons, yet more fun, motivating and personal than self-learning DVDs. This is where the GuitarBots concept fits in. GuitarBots combines the fun and motivating aspects of computer games with the flexibility and price of self-learning. And with the advanced audio technology and smart algorithms, you get personalized feedback and tips along the way, like from a guitar teacher.

Is GuitarBots a free game?
You can try out GuitarBots for free to test if this method is working for you.  And, there is a lot of good content and features available for free users. Still, GuitarBots IS NOT a free service, and to unlock its full potential, a premium account is strongly recommended.

GuitarBots for a month, or a cup of coffee?
Premium subscriptions for GuitarBots start from the price of a cup of coffee, as little as 4.99$/month! It is a fraction of the cost of other methods. One year of GuitarBots may cost less than 1-2 private lessons. Even compared to a set of DVDs with no feedback, no game and no access to a real teacher, GuitarBots is much cheaper. But of course hosting and maintaining GuitarBots costs money. And developing a state of the art product and cutting edge technology takes an awesome team, time and of course money. The premium users allow us to do just that.

Why the monthly plans?
Have you ever seen a great ad, bought the product and then realized that you only used it one single time? We did, and find it really annoying. More money goes into the ad campaign than in developing a good product. So for GuitarBots, we decided to focus on making a great product you will actually use. If you have been with us for a while, you realized that GuitarBots gets better all the time. We are adding new content and features almost weekly. Instead of a one-time fee, we decided charge users a small monthly fee. It gives us the best possible motivation to keep making GuitarBots better. You pay for as long as you keep playing and learning. And you won’t learn guitar in a month anyways, so if you commit to a yearly or longer plan, we’ll give you hefty discounts! And thus, we will work hard to build an amazing guitar product that you will never want unsubscribe from. Win-win!

With this, we want to give a big THANK YOU to all our premium users who allow us to build GuitarBots.

Chris and the Ovelin team

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