Personalized Lessons and a new Home Screen for Everyone

Posted on November 1, 2017

With the update to Yousician version 2.36, we’re rolling out some new features to everyone, and wanted to tell you all about them.

First up is a handy new Home screen. This is your launching pad, putting common tasks at your fingertips, and making it fast and easy to get started with each session.

Next up is a cool new educational feature – Personalized Lessons. These smart lessons are designed to help players develop great long-term learning habits.

That’s just what Personalized Lessons do. It’s like having a teacher or coach by your side, helping you move forward, take a step backwards when you need it, or take a step sideways and put all your skills into practice with something different. Instead of always doing something more difficult, Personalized Lessons carefully mix it up, creating a great long-term learning environment.

This means the lessons are tailored for every person. The tasks in each lesson depend on which songs and missions you’ve played, how well you’ve played them, your Yousician level, and more.

We believe this makes learning with Yousician more effective, and sets people up for a lifetime of playing. Our goals were to not only improve education, but to make learning more fun, more tailored to your individual needs, and to help people play more often and stay with Yousician longer.

We designed Personalized Lessons with an emphasis on beginners, who tend to need the most help with this area of practicing. Of course more intermediate and advanced players can use Personalized Lessons too, and if you’d rather do similar things yourself we make that easy with smart collections to help you review earlier songs, discover new songs to play, and so on.

Together with the new Home screen, Personalized Lessons are a major addition which we’ve been working on for close to a year now (as some of you might know). One of the reasons it took so long is that every version of Personalized Lessons was tested for 2-3 months to carefully measure its impact on learning curves, engagement, satisfaction, and so on. Sometimes we ran multiple variants at the same time with different learners to compare their effect. After every variation we examined the results, and made further improvements. Having gone through lots of iterations, we are happy to say that the latest version provides significant improvements to all of our original goals, so we’re making it available to everyone with the release of Yousician version 2.36.

Some interesting things we’ve noticed from the past iterations:

  • Learners with access to Personalized Lessons progress through the syllabus at a more steady pace. They go through exercises more carefully, spend more time replaying previously played songs, and play more regularly. Slow and steady is best.
  • Learning with Personalized Lessons helps users progress further in the syllabus. Pace yourself and you’ll be able to go the distance.
  • Some of the favorite activities include collecting missing gold stars, and playing weekly challenge songs. Mixing it up works, and is lots of fun.
  • For most beginners, Personalized Lessons became the main way to learn with Yousician. The more someone learns with them, the less likely they are to go and play songs from the syllabus directly.


We are happy to bring version 1.0 of the Home screen and Personalized Lessons for all our Yousicians! Of course, there’s lots of room for improvement, and while we have plenty of ideas already, we would really love to hear from YOU… What do you think? What would you change, how would you improve them? All ideas are welcome, just head to our forum and share your feedback.

Rock on,
The Yousician Team

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