Teaching guitar lessons with a healthy balance of teamwork and friendly competition

Posted on October 5, 2015

by Jonathan Reichert, Canada – Yousician teacher and owner of Fusion Jam Tracks

I have been using Yousician with my group guitar class of 8 young children between 8 and 12 years old. Lately we’ve been creating some fun and effective group games, where all the students work together to complete the song. What we decided to do is load up a song on Yousician, and each person in the group is responsible to play ‘a note’ when it is their turn. Generally we pick a person to go first, and they say ‘clockwise’ or ‘counter clockwise’ and as the notes go by on screen, the next person in the circle plays the next note, in order to complete the song as a group or a team effort.

However, if one of the players misses a note, they are ‘out’ for that song. The group gets smaller and smaller until there are 2 people left battling to see who will be the last guitarist standing. If the song is completed with more than 1 person remaining, the song is repeated, with each person now playing a full bar of music each, rather than one note. And so on, with a few variations on how this can be played.

It keeps everything very social in the class, keeps them listening carefully to the music and to each other, and promotes a healthy balance of teamwork, but also friendly competition. For those who are a bit less capable than others, it also gives them time to find their next note without the pressure of playing an entire song on their own.

Try it out with your class and let us know what you think.

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