Top 5 user suggestions we incorporated into GuitarBots

Posted on October 31, 2013

Your ideas, feedback and praise matter!

1. Let me play ANY song I like!

  • You can create or find any song you like (as Guitar Pro file)
  • You can then upload, play and share the songs on Guitar Bots
  • Use the synthesized guitar to hear how it should sound like

2. Let me compete with friends

  • Add friends and other GuitarBots players in the profile
  • See their high-scores and progress, and BEAT them!
  • You’ll even get 5 free picks for each friend you bring to GuitarBots

3. Let me practice in slow-down

  • Solo too fast? We let you slow down the song in practice mode
  • You can step by step increase speed until you reach 100%
  • The pitch of the songs does not change when slowing down!

4. No more time limit

  • We let you now play for free without time limit
  • Practice mode does not cost any picks -> practice as long as you like
  • The picks re-fill several times a day

5. Teach me guitar techniques

  • We teach you the basics like: chords, notes, melodies, rhythms
  • Premium packages teach you scales, arpeggios, speed up
  • We are working on many additional packages and features