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By awildcolin
Having waited a long time for the Android app to support the piano, I am a little discouraged that it's the only platform that doesn't have MIDI support -- which is basically a requirement for any technology that is capturing input from a piano/keyboard.

That said, I'd like to know why the Android app only records input from the microphone. Especially since there's a MIDI API in Android. https://developer.android.com/reference ... mmary.html
By BrunoC6
Hi awildcolin,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

Although I can not guarantee when this will be available, MIDI support for Android devices is in the works at the moment.

Keep an eye on future updates!
By kibars
Soo, on your post about MIDI support you claim that Yousician supports MIDI keyboards on all platforms. Next there is prerequisite to Android version - 6.0.
The songs and exercises in Yousician are designed to be played with acoustic instruments and the app evaluates the sound using the microphone. However, if you would like to use a MIDI keyboard to play Yousician, you can do so by simply plugging the keyboard to your device (MIDI is now fully supported on all platforms) and use it to play.

Note: On Android devices, MIDI support requires OS 6.0 (and above) with API level 23.
Yesterday I have updated (via official way) my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5" to Android 6.0.1. And the MIDI option is still missing. I see only the microphone input.
If you claim that the android is still unsupported, please update the info in the link above.

I really need the MIDI support because
  1. Your mic recognition does not work flawlessly, especially with accords and when there is too much notes. And it behaves really unpredictably, it does not work at all eg. on very easy lesson "Swung eights" for me and I can not continue!
  2. Since the update to Android 6.0.1 the timings are just off. I tried to calibrate the device many times (the beep sound) and I still get too much "Early" on notes as opposed to previously played songs.
And btw MIDI works on Android 5.0.1 too, competition app "Flowkey" works like a charm on that Android.

I am sorry for beeing very angry, but I have payed for year premium yesterday and now the app is basically useless for me :(
By Ckpingu
Same problem here on Android too. Nearly always "too early", I have to force myself to wait and press keyboard after the ball hitted the note, which feels veeeery awkward and is impractical :(
By Benethi
Ckpingu wrote:Same problem here on Android too. Nearly always "too early", I have to force myself to wait and press keyboard after the ball hitted the note, which feels veeeery awkward and is impractical :(
I don't know anything about midi (don't think my tablet nor my keyboard supports it) but I'm curious as to why the program says 'too early' when using the mic?
This is very obvious when you slow the speed down - put it to below 50% speed and you have to wait till way after the ball hits before you play - what's going on?

EDIT: Now found out both my keyboard and tablet support midi, and also awaiting Yousician to support it!
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By bubugian
are there some news about android support to MIDI through bluetooth ?

I'm evaluating to buy an Asus S3 that will support Android 6 and I'd like to know if it's really compatible (as written on your support page https://yousician.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/ ... -keyboards) or not ?

If not, I suggest to reword above posts.

Flowkey app manage it in a good way (with Android 5 !).

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