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By Melog01
kibars wrote:My Roland FP-30 suddenly works too! BUT it is unusable as it lags pretty bad. It is like 0.5s between the key press and the sound comming from tablet / recognition.

Do you have similar issue?
To reduce lag go to setting and Advanced setting. There reduce buffer size to minimum. It is working for me and my Yamaha keyboard. Your keyboard have to be connected to have this option.
By rigamrts
As far as midi over Android I wouldn't even bother with it. It's not that Yousician couldn't get it to work. There are plenty of apps on Android that use midi but they fail on the latency department. Android does not have the latency needed for midi devices. Windows gets away with it by device creators making ASIO drivers to get the latency down but IOS and mac for most midi devices work straight out of the box.

What Google needs to do is gear their devices towards the musicians. They already have the the average user. Musicians and students need is as close to zero latency as possible for midi. But Google does not deliver on that front.

Thank you Yousician for even attempting to make it work but till Google gets their act together on midi devices it's a lost cause.

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