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By yodelaye

Are there any news about midi support on android ? seems it was planned last year.
The microphone input on android doesn't work so well, missing many notes.
BrunoC6 wrote:Hi awildcolin,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

Although I can not guarantee when this will be available, MIDI support for Android devices is in the works at the moment.

Keep an eye on future updates!

Would it be possible to get an updated feedback ?
By Benethi
Have others got this working now?

It is now telling me 'Your device does not support Midi' where prior to the latest version it didn't have an option. My device is Android 6 / API 23 and works with other midi keyboard apps.

I have a support ticket open regarding other issues and have been told this should work - please could someone confirm whether this is working for them?

By AnttiH
Hello, all

For a little bit of background, "Android" unfortunately covers a vast range of different device models and OS versions, which often fail to follow any single standard when it comes to features like this. Nevertheless, if it's proven that MIDI in general works on some device, we should be able to do that as well. Covering everything is just more complicated than on other platforms.

That said, the latest batch of extensions to Android MIDI support should be out with version 2.19.1, just being released. Whenever you receive it, please give it a new try and report the results, preferably with device and OS information. We have encountered some devices which play along very nicely, others which don't at all, and some which look fine on the surface but actually lose MIDI data every now and then, making recognition unreliable. Synth performance is yet another story.

Anyway, we're trying to get there, step by step, hardware permitting. As we're receiving wider test reports, we'll also get a better picture of the latest overall situation. Probably not completed yet but not forgotten either. Hopefully we managed to make at least someone happy this time. :)

By Benethi

Thanks for the update and explanation!
I've got an Asus ZenPad Z300M, with Android 6.

Midi is working with another app.

Latest Yousician update installed: if the keyboard is plugged in when I start Yousician, it hangs with the logo in the centre of the screen and nothing else. If I unplug the keyboard, it continues to start. It then says No Midi input in options. However, if I switch to, say, guitar, plug in the keyboard, then switch back to piano, I get Midi showing as if it's working in the options. But if I actually try and play a song it doesn't receive anything.

Cheers :)
By AnttiH
Right, can you check the app version from Settings -> Support? The release of version 2.19.1 was completed today, and that's where the latest changes should take place. We have ZenPads/Phones here where it works, but testing (and updating) still continues, thus it's always helpful to hear if this update actually solved something - or didn't. Thanks.

By kibars
My Roland FP-30 suddenly works too! BUT it is unusable as it lags pretty bad. It is like 0.5s between the key press and the sound comming from tablet / recognition.

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