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What do you think about the learning curve for the new piano syllabus? (Levels 0-4, April/May 2016)

It feels too steep/difficult.
It feels like a good mix between fun and challenging.
It feels too easy (I am a beginner)
It feels too easy (I am NOT a beginner - or I already played the older piano syllabus which was more difficult)
By hanabeet
I'm new to Yousician and to piano, but not to music in general (I've played viola for ages). I breezed through levels 0-4 in just three free sessions and was a little annoyed at how slowly new notes were added. That being said, I think it's definitely better to err on the side of too easy rather than too hard since many / most new users may not have much experience playing an instrument. I just hit the level 5 block today and was confused, so it's nice to know what's going on.
By sydnee11
This original post was in February and now here it is June and we have yet to receive level 4-5 help!! What is going on? Yousician should give me my money back for the last two mths where I've been stuck :x
By Rachellzbth
I just started using Yousician for Piano last week. I felt the transition on the Classical track was very smooth. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't overwhelming either. Until I got to Lesson 6, where is all went over my head. There were notes I hadn't been introduced to yet, and even slowing the tempo down didn't help. I hope Yousician can fix this soon. Its very discouraging for me.
By leahbreanne
Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback!

I'm really glad to hear that the new learning curve feels like an improvement! The new level 5 has now been released. Thank you for your patience.

@Rachellzbth, the new level 6 is coming soon. I encourage you to play songs in the Songs tab in the meantime since you are correct that the old level 6 difficulty level is not appropriate.

@sydnee11, there may be some confusion about the timeline:

Levels 0-3 were released at the end of April. Level 4 was released in May. Level 5 was released now in June. I completely understand that you are eager to move forward, so I am working as quickly as possible. Whenever I release a new level, players may lose their progress or have to unlock the mission again, so I try to test carefully and be sure of the educational value before releasing the changes. The extra testing and revision adds extra time, but I think this is the way to ultimately create the best learning experience for you. I also spend a lot of my time on many "behind-the-scenes" changes and working to add different improvements and features requested on the forum.

Hope this helps! I am working on Level 6 now! :)
By jalfaizy
I found the transition between level 2 and 3 a bit steep, especially for Pop track.

Pop track assumes that we know A minor cord, but it isn't taught before.

For now, I am following the classical part instead, and it seems simpler

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