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By leahbreanne
Thanks for all your feedback everyone! We have made some updates based on your requests.

1. Black-and-White View
-In response to your requests for the option to turn off the note colours, you now have three views to choose from in piano: Yousician Simplified, Colored, and Standard. Change your view to "Standard" from the Pause menu to play without colours.
-For more information, check out this link: ... /208678605

2. MIDI Support for Windows
-You can now play Yousician on Windows with a MIDI keyboard
-Note: To get the best experience with MIDI, youll need to have ASIO drivers in use, as the Windows Audio drivers will have a long latency, i.e. there will be a rather long delay between pressing a key and hearing the piano sound.

3. Improved Note/Background Contrast for Sheet Music
-We've received feedback that the notes can be hard to see against the background when reading in Sheet Mode. Now we have added a slight outline around the notes in Colored and Standard modes.
-We are still working on improving the contrast in other ways. For example, we are looking into how to make middle C more clear in both views.

Enjoy the improvements! As always, your feedback is welcome :)
By rogue_code
leahbreanne wrote: 2. MIDI Support for Windows
-You can now play Yousician on Windows with a MIDI keyboard

Works perfectly too.

Just one small request: can we get a volume control for the piano sound?
By hallah60
Thanks for the changes to make the app even better

Couple of questions around the changes
Black and White - Great update I found I was looking at finger colour rather than note position/name however is it possible to set B&W in settings so all pieces are B&W and Will you be adding finger numbers to this view in the future ?

MIDI for PCs excellent upgrade although I will have to search out ASIO drivers as latency is causing some issues however as mentioned please can we have piano sound volume and/or a mute option so I can use my keyboard sound

Middle C colours I hope no longer a problem in black and white mode although Is it possible to make the ledger line darker to make it easier to read

By leahbreanne
Hi guys!

Thanks for the feedback.

rogue_code, this was really helpful information. I shared it with other members of the team and they are working on it now. Thanks!

Hugh and rogue_code, we have some plans that will include a solution for the keyboard control. I'm not sure exactly when it will be released, but I will update you here when it goes out.

Hugh, the view should stay the same after you have selected it once (although you have to choose separately for each path). Are there other places where you would like to be able to set the default view? Good point about the middle C. We have also changed the colour slightly to hopefully improve the experience, especially on small screens!
By sydnee11
Someone pleassssse. Answer when an update is coming

I do both routes and I can't move forward. I have made it to level 5. I am on left hand accompaniment on classical and pop arpeggios on pop side. I have been trying to perfect all songs levels 1-4 that yousician has so I can transition to this further but for example..... On the classical side, it has taken me over 2 weeks to pass Diabellis etude and I did by the skin of my teeth. I don't feel confident to move on. There is obviously some major "major" lessons missing between these jumps. Yousician puts a notice that "this will be a difficult jump, & that improvements are coming soon" but I've been seeing this for a month!!!

On the pop side, I definitely can't go further. The level 5 One Man Band is extremely too hard at this point. I have actually been looking at books and videos and online to increase my skills but when I'm paying Yousician each month they need to make this critical improvement NOW. I'm paying to play the same songs over and over and not increase my skills because their is a GAP in the learning! I literally practice 1-3 hrs a day if not more. I might as well purchase lessons from a human teacher. I've loved this app so far until this point. Please help! Give us the much needed lessons to advance!

Also my other recommendations would be better/more lessons that focus on knowing the clef notes(for example the bass clef has been difficult because I have the treble imprinted on my brain from childhood band)

A couple lessons abt rhythm with exercises would be great too. I had rhythm down perfectly until entering more classical songs with tied notes, quarter, 8ths, etc.

But some lessons that help build finger agility, strength, and OH MY "Hand Independence" would work wonders!

There should also be a way to report bugs through the app....for example two songs have been messed up/not synced/calibrated correctly and have had this issue for over 4 weeks: Scarborough Fair level4 and MollyMalone level4 have the written notes going way faster than the music. They are not in beat/tempo with each other.

Someone from Yousician...I would appreciate a response so I know whether I should keep this app. Thank you for your time.
By leahbreanne
Hi natederoz,

Depending on the device you use, the updates may reach you at different times. In this case, the iOS update came a bit later than the rest.

These steps should work, and if they don't please let me know:

-Go to a song and start playing it
-Pause the song
-The pause menu shows up on the left. Click on the text closest to the bottom, the name of whichever view you are currently using (should be Enhanced, Colored, or Sheet)
-Clicking this will change to a new view
-"Sheet" view will give you the black and white notes

Hope this helps!
By grahamstoney
Firstly, thanks Yousician for implementing MIDI! It's awesome.
rogue_code wrote:Just one small request: can we get a volume control for the piano sound?
I'd like to second this; I'm using a USB cable with a relatively old Yamaha PSR-295 keyboard, and the latency between the synthesised keyboard sound and the actual keyboard sound is distracting. I only really want to hear one anyway; can we have an option to mute or turn down the synthesised keyboard sound please?


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