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Thank God you offer a black and white note option for piano now.

How about an optional Metronome? Many of your songs have no rhythmic beat, like classical. It's hard to count without any reference other than the annoying bouncing ball.
How about an option to turn off the video game music hits and annoying comments?
How about getting rid of that distracting moving background, so we can focus on reading the notes?

I appreciate your app, but if these simple adjustments don't happen soon, I'll be forced to drop my subscription due to the frustration, distractions and shere level of annoyance.

At least give us an option to turn these things on and off.

Thank You!
By leahbreanne
Hi slartiebardfarst and grahamstoney,

Thank you for your suggestions. I agree there is value in adding these options, it's just a question of overall prioritization. I have submitted your feedback to the team and I hope we are able to make some helpful additions for you soon.


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