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By ecawilson
How do I set hand position or fingering for the MusicXML songs I create and upload? When I share these with learners, all the notes are green, and they want to use their thumbs! (I realize that sight reading is an important skill, but these are young children. One step at a time.)

Does Yousician have certain tags it can read from the XML to notify which notes should be which fingers, or even a way to place notation on the staff so the learner knows when to change hand position? I do see that Yousician makes a guess at the right hand/left hand split at the beginning of the song, and also gives suggestions on where to put the hand to start, so I am hoping that more information will allow the app to do the rest. I have noticed that the shortest and simplest one hand songs will automatically 'color' the notes for me, and there is no material difference in my XML, only in the need for the hand position to change. That is advanced machine learning, and I am grateful for that, but I would like to be able to do this for all songs, or at least the ones my learners would benefit from.
By BrunoC6
Hi ecawilson,

Thank you for reporting and my sincere apologies for that.

We'd like to investigate this a bit more and it would be awesome if you could send me the XML files you're uploading that don't show any finger colors other than the green one (for the thumb). I'll email you regarding this so you can attach the files - is that ok?

Thank you again!

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