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Hello I would like to know if there is any way to use the sound of my electric piano and that in the application yousician only the songs sound.
I connect my kawai piano es110 via cable midi to my computer.
I love the piano and I want to listen to it while I play.
The application sounds fantastic songs and I do not like to mutate the song.
For that I want my piano and the songs to sound. Without having to put the microphone to pick up the signal. I only want to have the piano connected by the midi cable and that the application does not sound the piano only the songs.
It's possible?
To hear my grand piano sound and Yousician in one headphones I use AUX port from my piano and connect to phones port in my laptop. Plus I have printer usb cable in usb-host port in my piano and connected to usb port in my laptop. My headphones are connected to my piano: I can listen to YS tracks and to my original piano sounds. This setup allows also to play using other piano voices with no recognition issues.
If you connect your piano to PC with MIDI cable, it is sending MIDI data to your PC. If your piano can play out loud AND send MIDI at the same time (my can not), you should set Yousician to use MIDI input. Then, in settings that are available from pause menu during play, open "mixer" button and set piano volume to zero. Now you can hear your piano playing, but Yousician hers its own, and everyone is happy.

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