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By Soids
I'm inside my 7-day trial and I feel it's a no-brainer to continue. I hope I keep the routine going, the discipline is always the hardest part.

Anyway, not counting the usual 2 years of traditional piano lessons in childhood, I'm basically a self-taught player: one summer I sat and learned how to play every song I knew on guitar on piano. That would be around 10 songs of rhythm chords on piano, sometimes doing the left hand as an octave bass note.

Should I completely abandon my fingering from that time? Right now you could yell out any normal rock chord (M or m, no 7th and beyond) and I could switch to it in time with the song. Youcisian, as you know, starts out with a lot of inverted chords which is hurting my brain! C major? Right-hand thumb on C! I've been only using the assigned fingering because I know it'll be better to able to play one chord many ways, but I've cheated and used my old fingering a few times to get gold stars. Is that a really bad idea, or probably no big deal? Of course I expect IMHO responses, please bring them.

Thinking down the road, if I want to get more specific genre instruction, is there a way to find teachers that use Youcisian? I know teachers can send their students to it, but did find any lists or whatnot to go the opposite way.

Thanks for reading and double thanks in advance if you respond.
By qrysdonnell
I would probably try and just play the chords as the Yousician app instructs (which for C so far through level 7 has always been an inversion). Changing to a different version of C could complicate the fingering for the rest of what's going on. I am trying my best to do their fingering, although sometimes at speed things fall into whatever gets the notes out territory. There also are a few parts where the fingering seems a little weird, so if it seems bizarre I don't sweat it. There's also some times when it has things like my thumb on D and it wants me to move my thumb to D instead of playing with an index finger going over, I'm not sure that distinction is big enough to matter.
By Soids
Cool, thanks for replying. I've dropped down from 4-5 times a week to 1-2, so the discipline problem is rearing its ugly head. I did add ending each sitting playing one of my old songs the old way, giving my brain a little candy at the end of a session.
By newoptionz
I think it is good to play it both ways and to mix things up. I find 'Yousician' only goes so far in its training, and then I have to find other means to get up to speed in the areas I want to progress in. So being able to play with different fingers I think can only help in the long run.
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