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By sydnee11
I’ve been using this app since it was created, and quickly fell in love with it, subscribing annually. However, the most recent update which changed the colors of the fingering on piano is awful. Imagine getting used to a particular finger with a certain color and this helped me tremendously learn how to navigate difficult songs and where to place fingers when the song jumps around a lot. Since the color change, it’s taking me twice if not three times longer to learn material. I just gave up on the classical side which requires a lot of intense fingering/position changes.

The original color scheme was not why change it? These new colors are confusing. Please update the app and either give us a choice for the color scheme or change it back!
I agree. Some people may get used to it but why change the color of fingering in the first place (On ukulele it is just misleading with pink for ring finger).

Btw, not all platforms show the same color scheme for me but obviously not very often I play piano using android device.

And the Practice Mode color is too dark to see ledger lines. This should be really improved. They promised tint around the notes. Higher level songs are painful to practice

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