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By Youri219
Hi guys,

I've been playing for just over a month now using a premium subscription for piano (or actually premium+, got the black friday discount). In the past I've had one year mainly for guitar/bass. However, for the latter I still prefer Rocksmith (sorry guys).

To begin with, I enjoy yousician for piano a lot. My setup is a PC and an old Roland E96 connected through the Rocksmith guitar cable. This absolutely works like a charm, although I'm considering getting a real midi cable. On the other hand, I've also tried the mic of my phone. But besides having a screen that's just way too small, note detection is garbage. I do wonder if the midi cable would work (along with an OTG cable).

There's some minor stuff that could use some improvement. First actually playing songs:
  • Please let me report technical difficulties without having to rate a song. Things things are unrelated
  • Scrolling speeds up like crazy when there are many 16th notes. I understand this is a limitation on phones, but you should consider displaying multiple lines when people are 24 inch monitors (similar to guitar pro). Sometimes it scrolls so fast you can barely see what's coming next.
  • Some songs have up to 6 sharps (yes, even the B gets converted to a C). Nothing wrong with that, but the note you have to play disappears behind all the sharp/flat signals
  • As a result of both 2 previous point, it is impossible to read the early/late feedback while in practice mode.
Also, song lists could use some improvements.
  • Please add a list of songs you haven't played yet (with filters to show only official releases or to hide premium+)
  • Add sorting. Let me sort on song name, date added, or even leaderboard position (within top 1%, 5%...)
Keep up the good work and happy 2019.

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