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By Kdrehkop
This practice of pop ups or songs that aren’t available without an upgrade is Going to cause me to not renew my subscription. Learning to play the piano is frustrating enough. You’re adding fuel to the fire by directing users to a song that they don’t truly have access to without an upgrade. I understand you want to drive people to the mothership; however I feel you’re going to drive people away. Just my $.10 worth.
By Kdrehkop
Seriously? My guided lesson takes me to a song selection that I don’t have access to without a premium subscription. Why can’t I click skip instead of Forcing me to select a song that I don’t have access to? Instead, I have to click on the song, that I know I don’t have access to, so that the system will tell me I don’t have access! Then and only then will the system allow me to skip The prohibited song. This happens every time The guided lesson takes me to A selected piece to play . Not just once per lesson, Or even once per genre.
You were not going to succeed in forcing people to upgrade. We willingly give you our money and we can willingly give it to somebody else.

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