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By m.zink87
So I set out on this journey to learn to play piano about a year ago. I really must thank you as this app taught me so much at the beginning. However I felt when I was at a certain point I was not moving very far. It was either to simple or unbelievably hard. I would recommend to a friend .
By Scifi_Dave
I feel the same with Guitar that there are really easy songs that you can power through then you get stuck at one that won't let you progress any further and that is a big deterrent as I don't want to loose my passion for learning. I have since looked at other sources to keep me learning and going. If I feel that I still haven't progressed by the time my subscription ends then I won't renew it.
By cuvtixo
leaving seems incredibly shortsighted of you to cancel during "quarantine," but maybe I can encourage others to stay...
I've been taking lessons on both guitar and ukulele, now starting Bass :D I had a year or so of guitar lessons beforehand, but felt too squeezed for cash to continue live person-to-person lessons, but enough to keep on with Yousician. I'm grateful because otherwise I may have sold my ax and quit altogether otherwise. :shock:
But my point here is that I've learned through breakthroughs, not steady progress. There are parts that seem incredibly hard, and then one day, like magic, my fingers or brain or whatever "gets it". I may practice unrelated songs a little while, or otherwise avoid the problem; it's a big reason why I switched to uke for a while, but so far I've always eventually gotten through, figured it out.
It's none of my business, really, whether any of you cancel or not, but I think a "musician's block" is just about the last reason one should cancel. It really is "practice, practice, practice"! Again at some point I'll probably need a live teacher, online or otherwise. But I'd encourage everyone to power through those tough times on Yousician. Heck, maybe some of those that cancel will come back when ready to get through the stuck moments! This applies to learning just about anything, but definitely a musical instrument, and definitely Yousician. Don't quit for the wrong reasons!
By royg82
It's not musicians block, it's the app blocking me from progressing with ridiculous jumps in difficulty. I was loving it, progressing well, then I got a song I can't even manage at 30% speed. I could practice that one song every day for a month to get past it, but I'm not going to. It's supposed to be enjoyable, not a massive frustrating chore that I pay £30 a month for.

And there seems to be no reply from the developers.
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