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By albertmitchell1
Hello! I don’t know if I’ll wait for an answer here, but I really need help from people who can play the ukulele. I need to buy it for my best friend. Price - no more than $ 100
He is quite familiar with the instrument and would like to buy something that can be appreciated by a person who is already ready to play complex compositions for a large audience.
By jas johno
Your friend is lucky you care enough to do some work and spend a fair bit of cash on them. I hope they know what a great pal they have.

Why don't you ask you friend to tell you about the uke's they already have? What brand? What type - Baritone, Tenor, Concert or Soprano? If they have a Soprano would they like a Tenor or a Baritone? Do they have other equipment? Can it be electric? Do they play a high or low G? (if you don't know the difference ask your friend to explain) Would they want a low G uke? If your friend loves the uke they'll talk to you all day about it and will probably be stoked someone is showing interest so you'll get this info easy. If you don't know much, great ask them to explain it all to you, if you know a bit no problem pretend to know less and ask questions that will lead them to giving you the info you want. Once they are on a roll ask them straight out what they want their next uke to be, they probably already have a model in mind.

I'd think that if they are ready to perform for large groups $100 may not get you far and the uke they have their eye on is likely going to make your eyes water at the cost of such a tiny instrument. It is possible they already have instruments that are better suited to them, than what you can get for $100. The gap in quality between $100 and say $500 is vast. If thats the case I'd think about getting them something else that might compliment their uke like a custom cover or something. Or if they have lots of friends, see if you can get everyone together to chip in for an amazing present. The worst thing you could do is fork out $100 bucks for an instrument they are not interested in playing because they already have better ones.

If they don't have a uke at the moment then you may end up being their hero for getting them one. I'd go some manufacturers websites and check out what they have to offer. Kala and Mahalo are brands that have ukes in that price range, start with them, see what you like. Try getting your friend to tell you about the ukes they used to own, see what that brand has to offer in that price range. Type the name and model number into youtube and find reviews on a few of your favourites from the websites. Once you've done that you'll be in a better spot to make a choice or come back and ask questions about peoples preferences or better yet ask your friend about their preferences.

Hope this helps. Come back and tell us what you chose.
By albertmitchell1
Thanks so much for all your tips! You are very wise!

To ask a friend for details is a great idea. At first, I also wanted to do this, but then I was lost in doubt that I would ruin the whole surprise. That a friend would figure me out in my present. But talking to him is still a wiser decision. That's right, spending $ 100 on an instrument that he does not need is very stupid.

After your words, I began to recall our conversations with a friend about the ukulele. And I remembered that about a month ago in a conversation my friend mentioned baritone ukulele. I have already done some research and found a lot of interesting information about them. Given that I remember from our conversation with a friend, ukulele from the review here might be more interested in him. I liked the numbers 1 and 5. I will look at them reviews on YouTube, as you said, and I will choose one of them.

Thanks again. Perhaps I will come back here for your advice! Have a nice day!
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