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Hello everyone, I just bought my Uke last week. I had been trying to search on YouTube and many websites for good online resources on how to learn Uke from the very basic and then I found Yousician. It's just how wanted to learn.

I have a full time job so I hardly can manage half an hour to practice on weekdays. The free version allows me to practice 15 minutes which is okayish for me. I am planning to get paid subscription. I can afford $20 monthly subscription but $120 yearly subscription is not very easy on my pocket. Now please suggest me on the following things:

1. Since Ukulele has lesser lessons compared to Guitar and other instruments, how much time should it take to finish the available lessons if I stick to free 15 minutes subscription?

2. If I buy monthly subscription for three months ($20+20+20) and practice for more time on weekends then is it possible to finish the lessons within three months?

3. If I buy yearly subscription then is there any use of the app after I finish the lessons?

PS: I know point 1 & 2 is totally depends on my skill but I want to get an idea to make my purchase decision
It doesn't depend on your skill per se, but more on how many minutes you practice each day. I did the 14 day free trial and played every single day. I decided to go for the annual subscription because I don't see myself slowing down. After two weeks, I felt good committing to that.

However, I am about 1/3 of the way done with the ukulele program in two weeks. Sure, you can "finish" in three months easily, but you may want to continue to use it to master certain songs, do challenges, and just have some nice structured lesson time in between jamming sessions

It's definitely more aimed at beginners, but you may want to keep it up longer, it's not really about completing the levels but mastering the skills. You're able to move on to other levels before you've really, truly mastered the level you're on. I try to go for the gold stars.
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