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By amarks33
I've just started creating songs in Yousician Song Creator so I can get some mainstream songs to practice. When I complete the tab and do the playback, I hear the song played out, but after I upload it, there is no sound at all. Did I miss a step?

By nocnyptak
Recently one of updates removed midi sounds of unplayed tracks that usually played as background track. If this is what you experience I would suggest writing to support team and opening tech ticket requesting it back. The more requests the bigger chance they will bring them back.

These days you need to paste a link to you tube/dropbox/Soundcloud track to load it as background track. If this is what you tried and you had no sound then check your audio settings. Also, try to restart app/device. If everything seems ok from your side and other songs loads properly then the track may be corrupted. If you are sure this is not the case then write to support team and open tech ticket.

A <Submit a request> link can be found at the bottom of each FAQ in knowledge Base. In the YS app you can follow to Settings > Support > Contact
By nocnyptak
Note, that if you import plain track created in song creator it has no background track by default.

To improve your experience you can practice it with PLAY FOR ME feature (or/and perhaps metronome on). Look for it under tempo slider in top right corner while in the practice mode.
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