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Hi there, I’ve just startet the mentioned part and I would appreciate to know with which fingers should I pluck each string, or wether I shouldn’t bother about that at this point and use only my thumb. I haven’t seen any tip on the app.
Thanks in advance
If you want somebody to help you we need more information, for example: what exactly melody you have in mind and where it was actually mentioned etc.

General recommendations and details how to practice are usually explained in the video in the beginning of the mission.

If you are a starter (e.g. on level 1) then you will use only thumb for simple melodies.

Gradually you will employ more and more fingers.

It is very common to use thumb on G and C strings + index on E string + middle fingers on A string. but when you advance you’ll soon find your own combinations that work best for you. On advanced songs you may want to employ so called PIMA (thumb-index-middle-ring fingers) system using even more fingers.
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