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By Odedmb
I'm rather new here and to the ukelele. I love both :D
I'm trying to play Cordelia song/exercise and the app doesn't recognize the Am chord. Instead, most of the time it will accept "all open strings chord" as the Am chord.
I cannot proceed to the next level.
Please advise
By nocnyptak
Hello - and welcome on board :-)

You didn't mention what is your setup, ie your instrument + device with Yousician. If you are connected to the computer or ipad you will get perfect recognition, if not (if you use just a built-in mic) there are usually other factors to consider too.

Take a read of some tips (don't worry that it mentions guitar, the rule is the same): ... ion-issues ... r-is-tuned

You are also welcome to join unofficial ukulele team on facebook

Keep rocking!
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