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By Pakauk
The tuner does not recognize G string on my ukulele with low G (it thinks it low tuned C string or smth like that).

I'm using Yousician on Android. I tried few other various tuner or spectrum analyzer applications and those recognize the frequency of that string correctly, so looks like the algorithm in Yousician needs improvement.
By sethcentral
Just want to bump this post. It would be great if there was a setting to recognize low G ukuleles. I have found I need to switch to a high G uke for most of the strumming stuff.
By jas johno
I have a low G.

Download the yousician app called "ukuleletuna"

It has an option for you to tune a Low G.

The tuner in the yousicain app wont tune a low g but the app itself recognises a low G just fine.

Let me know how you go. Hope this advice hasn't come too late. I just got on this forum today.
By zoomtopz
I have low G on 2 Tenors & 2 Baritones , with GCEA strings . I don't have any problems , unless
you may be tuning with an electri nic device.
Rick. 8-) 8-)
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