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Can anyone tell me how I can create my own swing 8th rhythms like seen in the song "Goose Blues"?

For the tab, visually it shows the downbeat longer (2/3rds) and the upbeat shorter (1/3rd). More importantly, for the standard notation is shows the "swing" 8ths notes written as regular 8th notes. This is perfect! How the heck did they do it though??? I can not find a setting in the song creator.

It would really make my day if someone could help me figure this out, as I teach a lot jazz and swing rhythms are so common.
Songcreator is very limited and if you need extra features do post suggestions to uservoice forum ... back-forum

Also, you can upload gp5/gpx files into Yousician so you can create your own more sophisticated music in guitar pro or tuxguitar or musescore etc.

Songcreator does sometimes simplifies imported sheet music but you can overcome its limitations more easily using external software.
Thank you for your reply.

I have tried importing from guitar pro, but the swing eight notes are straightened out during playback with Yousician for ukulele.

Have you been able to import swing eight notes with guitar pro?
#14283 seems that the forum never sent me notification about your reply.

Some players experimented with upload feature and they manually (ie note by note) had to adjust notes to get effect of syncopation - as I said songcreator tends to simplify original sheet music.

By the way, when you want to edit song in songcreator change the grid to 1/8 or 1/32 or 1/16 from menu.

Feel free to join Team Ukulele facebook group - chances are you will get replies to your questions sooner than here!
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