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By aaronflowers
I kind of hit a wall with playing lead around the Building Speed section, it feels like a huge jump in difficulty. Do I need to be playing with more than just my thumb/doing more of a fingerpicking style? Back in section 5 (Plucking Faster) alternate plucking was introduced but I could still play those songs fine with just my thumb, and I don't believe there's been an introduction to different picking methods (outside of double stops) since then.

Anyone else experience anything similar to this? Do I just need to keep practicing or take a different approach to my playing method?
By dr gibbons
I'd go back and try different things. Re-visit some of your old songs - Play off some of the things you like. And Yousician is just a tool. Put it down for a bit and just play - explore. I found I could build up small chunks of music through hammer-ons and hammer-offs. These started as little 2-3 note fast bits and then moved up to 4, 5, 6 .. and then runs. YouTube is helpful too. i think Yousician is awesome but it is very controlled and maybe you need to just extend your imagination and put it away for a little bit ;)
By socksoncircs
I fingerpick like I would a guitar—thumb, index, middle, apex (ring). It’s a lot faster after you’ve grokked it, and you’re only managing one string with your thumb instead of three, so it’s all gravy.

I also think this will be more helpful away from Yousician, reading music.
By Sdavis8888
Yes, Yousician throws you off a cliff around there and lacks instruction on technique or useful practice exercises for learning the new skills you need.

Alternate plucking - index, middle, index, middle, etc. is your friend as the notes come faster. You can also use you thumb for the G string and some people also use the thumb on the C string - but most people will pay the C,E and A strings with their index and middle fingers.

Make us some exercises for yourself like: A string, Play Fret 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2 with each 1 plucked by your index finger (strumming hand) and each 2 plucked with your middle finger (strumming hand). (So you press down the A string at the 1st fret with your index finger on your left hand, then pluck that string with you index finger right hand; then middle finger left hand presses the A string at the 2nd fret while the middle finger right hand plucks the string.) Then play it again but switch to plucking with your middle finger for each 1 and your index finger for each 2. Then do the same exercise but move each 2 to the E string. Then the same but with the 1's on the E string and the 2's on the A string. Then mix up the frets and strings while still focusing on getting your index and middle fingers to alternate pluck the notes on different strings.
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