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By tatrix
Hi. Take a look at a screenshot below:
As you can see the app shows me what chord should I fingerpick: Bm.
To do so I hold bare with my first finger on the 1 fret and my third finger on the 4th fret of the G String.
So Im' simply holding Bm chord as for strumming.
But as you can see on the screenshot, yousician shows that I should play everything with the first finger. Can someone explain me why is it happening and how I'm supposed to play it.
By jas johno
Some people will be mortified at this but half the time I don't use the correct finger they suggest. A lot of the time I use the finger that makes it easiest for me to find the next note anyway. I wouldn't worry about it and just play the B shape like you said.

It seems like there might be an error with the algorithm that puts the tabs together. Others may disagree but I'd just move on.
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