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I'm learning the ukulele with the help of yousician now for a bit over 2 weeks, but I'm really getting dismotivated because of my strumming problems. Fretting is progressing well, but I just cannot seem to figure out a strumming technique where I can hit all strings on a regular basis. it works ok when I can use the thumb for strumming, but I cannot do that with faster songs... when I use fingers I just cannot get all strings regularly.
And I feel yousician is too fast for me in this, since then all of a sudden I'm supposed to learn strumming patterns with ups and downs already, while also changing chords all the time... it's like... too much.
but generally: how to learn a proper strumming technique???
Hey suse,

I think the real inaswer is just keep at it. I did a 5 or six hour session to learn my first up down strumming pattern. It just takes repititon.

I use my fingers to strum if that helps. I could be wrong but thats how most I've seen teach it, try youtube for some vids, Ten Thumbs, Uke like the pro's, and Stu Fuchs are some good ones, but there are plenty of others.

I've seen a few pro guitar players and teachers talk about how important struming is. Some go as far as saying you should learn it first before you learn any fingering on the fretboard. So you could try just getting the strumming patterns down then introducing the chords.

Maybe try slowing down the songs in practice mode and building up.

Another option is youtube has heaps of vids of people teaching you 3 chord songs with basic strumming. It might be easier to strum along with someone.

Strumming can be tricky, but dont give up dude, it won't be gradual, one minute you will sound bad and the next you will be nailing it. Just keep going. :D
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