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By Mckenziecadence
Hi! I haven't been using the app or playing the uke for very long but I seem to find playing the ukulele left-handed more comfortable. Is there any way I can change the settings to show me how to play it left-handed instead of right? Thanks!
By ylly
The app can be used for right and left handed people.

The strings on your uke need to change position, the app display stays the same.
The tuner might be a little confusing as you have to mirror the display.
By JamesNeilson
Great question, just also wanted to point out that if you want to play left-handed you'll usually need to get a left-handed ukulele too (which is different to just pointing a right-handed uke the other way).

As a lefty myself, my advice is that uke (and similar instruments like guitar & bass) strongly require both hands - it's very hard to say which hand is dominant, and it'll often change depending on what you're playing. That means that playing 'right handed' really just means 'standard direction', there's no overall advantage for right-handed over left-handed people, and many left-handers (like myself) choose to play standard direction. Of course if playing the 'left' direction feels much better to you then that's great and you should go for it, but it's definitely not a given that people who write left-handed will necessarily find it easier to play ukulele left-handed.

If you choose to play left-handed, you should also be aware that there are some disadvantages, e.g. you can't just pick up a friend's uke and start jamming, and it's often harder to find an instrument (but definitely not impossible). But, there are lots of great left-handed players (e.g. Hendrix!), so if it feels right to you then go for it.
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