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By Refractions

Fancy trying the Ukulele section of this app - currently level 5/6 on guitar.

Does anyone have any recommendations for Ukulele`s with a pickup if possible available in the UK?

I have large hands - if that makes any difference :?

Many thanks in advance.


By edhjones
Hi Iain,

I use a Lanikai SMP-C uke, which is concert sized, so it's a bit bigger. Which suits my fat sausage fingers ( :shock: ) a bit better than the soprano CK-S that my wife has. The tuning is exactly the same. I put a Kremona UK-1 pickup on it, and I plug that into an iRig Pro interface to connect it up to my iPad. That setup works great with the Uke stuff in Yousician. If I'm playing with headphones on, I run JamUp Pro with the acoustic expansion pack, in background mode, so I can hear myself.

And, yes, all that setup is far more professional sounding than my (lack of!) talent requires. ;)
But it does sound good!

By Refractions
Hi Ed,

Many thanks for the info :)

Looks like a trip to the local music shop tomorrow then - if I can stand the chaos ;)


By Alexicutioner
A couple of points. A Tenor is even larger. I have small hands and still prefer a tenor. The bass ukulele is tuned differently, so the tenor is the biggest size with the normal tuning.

You may want to see if one of these is available to try as they have some models with wider necks. I personally find them too wide, but they may be to your liking.


For me, I think Kala ukes are really nice.
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