Having difficulties with Yousician Ukulele? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By matthewduv
Hi. Thanks so much for adding UKULELE!!! I'm so sincerely appreciative. I'm wondering... I play with a low G string but the Yousician tuner doesn't seem to recognize it. Would it be possible for the tuner recognize Low G tuning in the future?
Works in GuitarTuna, so thanks for that!
Ok, see ya.
By WolfJeeper
I also tried to tune and play songs and learn my ukulele but because I prefer a Low G string the app always thinks I'm out of tune or playing wrong. Please update this awesome program to represent the popular Low G setup of Ukuleles!
Much Aloha! ~Jason ;)~
By Spinningwoman
Does it actually not work in the app or just in the tuner? I ask because I've actually used the some missions in the app with a piccolo uke which is tuned an octave above and it picked up OK. I don't use the Yousician tuner - it seems buggy to me.
By nocnyptak
Something went wrong in January 2016 and I blame some of app updates. I never had problems to play my tenor uke before Jan 16 but I can't use it now.

I bought s waterman soprano as a pocket uke for picnic time but never expected it becomes my main ukulele to play... Soprano uke is fully supported by Yousician.
By matthewduv
Sorry lost track of this. Clarifications:
- the tenor tuning with the Low G works fine in the assignments
- it is just the tuner that doens't seem to recognize low G tuning
- but I agree, I tend to use other tuners, the Yousician tuner seems to tune sharp. it's in tune with itself, and I suppose probably with the app songs, but it doesn't agree with all of the other tuners I have downloaded (there are many in the App Store)
- the GuitarTuna app does recognize Low G tuning, but also seems to want everything tuned sharp compared to other apps
- I think Yousician intends to tune to A440, right?
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