Having difficulties with Yousician Ukulele? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By Spinningwoman
I have been entering some songs to practice via Guitar Pro - I am sure I had them working on both my PC and on the mobile apps, but now the backing melody track isn't playing on the mobile apps, though it still is on the PC. I'm not trying for musical excellence here, just something to guide me through the tune! Is there a better way of setting it up or exporting it?
By leang1234
Well, if you look in the youtube application for ios, you will see that it cannot play in "background" music. I think it not same as you open your apple music to run the song. Why you not try to open apple music? Then open yousician. I believe that it will play as background music.

Sry for Grammar. I'm not very good in English
By Spinningwoman
Thanks for trying to help, but I don't think you really understand my query. Maybe just wait until one of the tech people can help me. This isn't about playing a separate backing track via the music app! that would be impossible to synchronise. Normally, when you play a Yousician 'tune', it plays music in the background and you play along with that. That is what I need todo with my uploaded songs and it works on the PC but not on the mobile devices, though I'm sure it did work on the mobile devices before.
By BrunoC6
Please make sure you are playing the exact same song on both devices. "Jake Shimabukuro" (on the "Songs" tab), for example, does not have any backing track at all. The songs listed there are uploaded by our users and we can not guarantee they are accurate, complete and/or sound good. Some of the user uploaded songs do not have backing track either.

Let me know if this doesn't help!
By Spinningwoman
Thanks, Bruno, but this is a file I created myself in guitar pro, and ran on both devices. I will try it again tomorrow just to check there is no confusion.
By Spinningwoman
Hi Bruno, I checked again, and I definitely get a background melody on the PC on the file I uploaded, but no melody when I play the same song on iPad or iphone.
By Spinningwoman
I loaded another version to check that it wasn't just a glitch, but the same thing happens. The latest version is called 'Holy Ukulele 100' but I put it not for public sharing - do you need me to change that or can you see it?
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