Having difficulties with Yousician Ukulele? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By Spinningwoman
Hi, I appreciate this isn't a huge issue, but really uploaded songs are not very useful if you can't hear the backing track to strum along to. It works so well on the PC version but I use my ipad more for portability. If it's just a question of 'this doesn't work in mobile apps' then OK, but I am almost sure it did work in the past. Is it working for anyone else on the mobile apps? It doesn't work for me either on ipad or iphone - I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Thanks. Great program, BTW!
By Spinningwoman
I uploaded the file again and made it public this time - called Holy Ukulele Public. Same issue. Has anyone uploaded a gp5 file that works successfully on the mobile ios app? If so, and they would like to share it with me so that I can see if I have set mine up wrong, that would be very helpful. Thanks!
By andrew.ys.bells
Hi Spinningwoman,

I have tested the "Holy Ukulele Public" song both in the standalone (Mac) and iOS versions. There were no background track in any of them. Although still need to test it on a Windows machine too.

Depending on the GuitarPro file properties the uploaded song may have a MIDI background track regardless of the device you are running Yousician on.

Just in case check that the music volume under Settings --> Game tab is not set to zero on your iOS device.
By andrew.ys.bells

We have just tested the same song on Windows and Android devices. There is background MIDI track indeed!

I have turned to my colleague for help and he suggests to check what instrument is set in your .gp file for the background track.

We currently support a certain set of instruments, and if it is not recognised the described problem might occur. Have you set it to guitar?
By Spinningwoman
I had just come to just that conclusion, after discovering that my latest upload plays the backing track fine. The one that works has a guitar backing track, but I think the one that doesn't work may be either voice or trumpet, so that may well be the issue. Thank you for taking the time to look at this. I will redo it with a guitar backing track and see what happens.
By ylly
andrew.ys.bells wrote: We currently support a certain set of instruments, and if it is not recognised the described problem might occur. Have you set it to guitar?
It would help many, if you were able to provide a list of the supported instruments.
It seems more like a hit and miss most of the time.
By andrew.ys.bells
List of the supported General Midi instruments:

  • - AcousticGuitarNylon;
    - AcousticGuitarSteel;
  • - ElectricGuitarClean;
    - ElectricGuitarJazz;
    - ElectricGuitarMuted;
  • -OverdrivenGuitar;
  • - DistortionGuitar;
    - GuitarHarmonics;
  • - AcousticBass;
    - ElectricBassFinger;
    - ElectricBassPick;
    - FretlessBass;
    - SlapBass1;
    - SlapBass2;
    - SynthBass1;
    - SynthBass2;
  • - Lead1Square;
    - Lead2Sawtooth;
    - Lead3Calliope;
    - Lead4Chiff;
    - Lead5Charang;
    - Lead6Voice;
    - Lead7Fifths;
    - Lead8BassPlusLead;
  • - AcousticGrandPiano;
    - BrightAcousticPiano;
    - ElectricGrandPiano;
    - HonkyTonkPiano;
  • - ElectricPiano1;
    - ElectricPiano2;
  • - Violin;
    - Viola;
    - Cello;
    - Contrabass;
    - TremoloStrings;
    - PizzicatoStrings;
    - StringEnsemble1;
    - StringEnsemble2;
    - SynthStrings1;
    - SynthStrings2;
  • - Shamisen;
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