Having difficulties with Yousician Ukulele? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By Ukegoat1008
Anyone know where to download some Guitar Pro (.GP3, .GP4, .GP5, not .GP6) files for ukulele? I've only managed to find a handful...
By Spinningwoman
GP6 can export GP5 files, if that helps. Or maybe now that GP6 is the standard, Yousician will allow input in that format soon?
By Ukegoat1008
Thanks for reply. So far Yousician cannot recognize GP6 or GPX files. It seems like this is the perfect way to practice those tricky songs/parts - but i need to figure out how to get the songs i want uploaded...

If you manually input music into GuitarPro software, and then save as GP5, will it be in the same format for Yousician? Thanks in advance for your time
By Spinningwoman
I have used gp6 and exported as gp5 to import into Yousician - it works, but some features of gp6 can't be exported in gp5.
By Jegla
The question is where to get guitar pro files for ukulele.
I was not able to find some.
And if not, can guitar pro transfer guitar songs to ukulele songs?

Jens from Germany
By Spinningwoman
You can use guitar pro 6 to create ukulele files. How much work it would be to convert a guitar piece to a Uke piece would depend on the music - for a simple melody, you could 'convert' it simply by changing the instrument and that would give you a Uke tab but it wouldn't necessarily be the most efficient or playable Uke tab.
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