Having difficulties with Yousician Ukulele? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By Crystalmyst
Hey there,

First off: loving the uke course on Yousician, without it I would be struggling trying to learn the old fashioned way. This is 100x times better than any other way I've learned an instrument before, it's fantastic.

Okay, so, my issue:
I'm reasonably fast with switching chords. I play them fairly clear, my microphone pics up the noise well, the uke is very pedantically-well tuned.
Despite this, when I play the combo game (and _only_ the combo game), the app has massive problems picking up the chord.

For example, sometimes it'll ask me to play Am, I'll play it beautifully, the mic bar will go up 75% of the way, the strings all go green... But then nothing happens. I strum it five more times. Still nothing. Then suddenly, it clicks and gets it. But by then at least 3-4 seconds have gone by.
This can happen on any chord, and may not happen for 20seconds if I'm _very_ lucky.

It's making it EXTREMELY hard to get the gold. I've been doing it for about five or six days now, probably 10-15 times a day, and the closest I've gotten is 23, and that was because this issue didn't happen until the last five seconds, then suddenly it never picked up the chord until the timer went out.

Is there any troubleshooting advice you can give me? My microphone isn't the greatest, but I've been doing all the other course missions fine, gold staring most of them and almost 100%ed the melody line as well, but these damn combo games are near impossible right now.

By BrunoC6
Hi Tim and Jegla. I am really sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately, this is a known issue and we're working on it.

Meanwhile, could you please try the following workaround:
Keep a constant strumming (down-up) throughout the exercise. If possible, strum quite fast and try to keep the same tempo.

Let me know if this helps!
Hi guys, months ago, I noticed this when first using the app and thought that meant that it was basically un-doable. But its just letting them ring. Like, the first strum would bring them up, and theyd start to sink again a bit, then if you keep just gently brushing the strings you will see it helps keep the green bars up, effectively try and keep the chord ringing out and bring the volume up, eventually two good correct strums in a row will tip the green on any string up to full, try and make sure you get decent volume from more than one string and then play more than one strum together, but try and keep the sound clean, if you keep the sound going from strum to strum and don't misplay the chord you will be able to bring the green level on all the strings up. Its slightly hard to explain but trust me it works, its actually a really good way of learning the chord because you have to try and hold it for a while and play it multiple times to get a really warm full sound on it before you will max the green, just hold the chord firmly keep brushing the strings cleanly and bring the volume up on every string while keeping the chord clean, if you play the chord properly and well two/three times in succession while keeping every string ringing evenly it will work, guaranteed. And I'm sometimes playing on a nylon acoustic with no amplification, its all about playing it warm, clean, and again and again to bring that resonance up, yousician will pick up on that harmony of the chord if you build it up
By AJBinky
yeah the way I got around this was basically just hold the chord and strum until it picks it up. was able to 3-star all of them fairly easily.
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