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By nocnyptak
Is Yousician tuner working fine for you?

After all those updates my tuner became pretty awkward to tune. It does not react to uke G at all these days. Is it just mine?
By Spinningwoman
I have a tuner which I keep clipped to my uke, so I haven't used the Yousician one much at all.
By nocnyptak
Of course I have a clipped tuner too. But if uke is not in tune with Yousician then app fails to recognize notes. Which now happens more often than not with my G string notes (and as I wrote app tuner does not even bother to work over my G string - however other strings are tuned just fine). Quite sudden change to me...
By Spinningwoman
Ive had problems with the tuner which is why I don't use it, but never had problems with the program recognising the notes on my uke tuned by my clip on tuner. My ukes are all high G, but I have also used a piccolo isle tuned to an octave above - recognition was perhaps a bit more patchy but that may reflect my worse playing.
By Spinningwoman
Though it may be significant that I haven't used the PC for Yousician for a while, now that I have acquired an IPad.
By nocnyptak
Tuner improved on Windows 10 and Android.
Many thanks :-)

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