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By Spinningwoman
Since the update I have been going back over old ground, and realised that I never quite understood what you are saying about leaving an open chord on the last ups trim before a change. I mean, I understand the concept but I don't understand how it works in Yousician. At the end of the segment it says to feel free to use this technique, but many songs in Yousician don't have a gap between changes, so how can I? Presumably you aren't saying that the chord detection is equally happy to hear an open chord instead of the one written. I have to say, when I try this it just feels like having to do a double chord change so I have more or less ignored it and just tried to make sure I keep the tempo going even if that means strumming on an incomplete chord.
By Rthebado
I am also confused by this. If I'm following the chord changes on the chord arrows, they never end on an up strum. So where should I be doing open strums?
By Spinningwoman
I just finally got a good answer to this on the Facebook Yousician Friends group. The open chord is played in the 'gap' where no chord is marked. So in effect you hit open strings as you bring your hand back up rather than bringing your hand up silently. It isn't marked as a chord, but Yousician won't mark against you for either playing it open or not playing it at all.

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