Having difficulties with Yousician Ukulele? Found a bug in the game? Post it here.
By glastolover
Hi there - does anyone know if there is a way to turn the mic level up in the Android app? It works OK, but it is missing perfectly well played notes/chords sometimes, and I think it is because the mic is too low. In the options screen, only a few bars light up when I play. I can't see any place to turn the level up though, surely this must be possible?

By nocnyptak
Make sure you use headphones (but not ear buds with mic) and remove any background noises (tv, kids shouting, traffic etc).

Perfect recognition comes when you play plugged into your device (via audio cable and pickup) but this works best on ios/windows - not sure about android. Some people use irig on android but some others reported this was not working for them - perhaps all depends what your device is and needs some experimenting.
By nocnyptak
Oh, and back to your question: I could see microphone amplifier app for android so you can try this if using headphones does not help.
By glastolover
Thanks for the reply.

I tried it with headphones. I was thinking that the microphone calibration might then make the mic work to a higher level, but it doesn't... you have to remove the headphones for the calibration! I think it may have worked a bit better with headphones, but it is still only registering 2 bars of the 12 or so on the microphone setup page, which is not great. It works OK, but it still occasionally misses things which I am sure I have played OK. Might try the amplification app, did see that, but not sure that is a good idea or not...
By nocnyptak
Android is sometimes laggy and this may end up with red notes. Try to close down unnecessary background processes while using Yousician.
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