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Timing recognition is broken

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:03 am
by Sdavis8888
I started noticing this last week and it's worse this week.

On last weeks challenge I was able to use a mute to fix the issue. Specifically on fast strumming sections the second chord registers as early almost every time. IE downstrum on C followed by upstrum on C, both 1/8 notes. I think the program is falsely registering the sustain of the first strum and counting it as an early second strum. I ended up with the third best score on the chords songs last week (Humppa of Finland - chords) after using a mute on my Uke.

This week even the mute doesn't fix it. Super frustrating.

Any ideas on how to get Yousician to recognize timing properly?