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Hi everyone,

I've been using Yousician about a week now and love it. Trying to finally properly learn guitar after many false starts throughout life. I'd really like to be able to hear and monitor my guitar while Yousician runs. I think I've almost got it figured out, but am missing something. Here's my setup:
  • Electric guitar to Rocksmith Real Tone Cable to laptop USB
  • Wired headphones
  • Intel i7 - not the latest generation but a solid machine

This is great for Yousician and I'm getting good note and chord recognition.

For playback, after some research I downloaded Guitar Rig 5 and the ASIO4ALL drivers. After going into ASIO setup and disabling my laptop's mic input, I'm getting really good latency and can hear my guitar fine. So far, everything is checking out.

The problem is when I try to use both. When I leave Guitar Rig running in the background and launch Yousician, I get a message saying that audio settings could not be initialized. Trying to start a lesson, it loaded but wouldn't "go".

So I went into the Yousician audio setup and chose the ASIO driver. Going back to a lesson, it will "go" but I still can't hear the Yousician audio.

Does anyone know the trick (especially if you're using this setup)? I'm not married to Guitar Rig if that helps. I've heard others use different stuff. I'm not looking for effects - just want to monitor my guitar while using Yousician.

If you do Facebook you are more likely to find someone with a similar setup on the Yousician friends group. But basically ASIO4ALL only lets one app use the input at once, the ASIO drivers from proper audio interfaces usually let multiple applications use the input. What you can do is use an ASIO server, which you configure ASIO4ALL to use, and then your amp sim and Yousician use the ASIO server. Obviously if you just want something very simple you can use the amp sim built into Yousician.
Hi, have you checked that the sound level is up in the Yousician amp (when in a song, pause, click on mixer...)? That was the case for me and after moving up the sound (and calibrating) it worked. Also make sure that in the ASIO4ALL control panel there's an audio output device active/checked. Hope this helps.
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