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By PMazart
Any news on this? Would be great to get the whole family on yousician, but certainly not at current pricing.
By kalla77
It would be great to have a family plan! We are a family of 5 and 4 of us like to play with Yousician, but I simply can't afford to buy 4 accounts, so everyone can make his/her own progress. Any news on this?
By pgoll
My son and myself would like to learn an instrument. We eagerly wish to have some kind of a family account as well.
By Scifi_Dave
Another +1 from me as well.

I did give them a suggestion and will write it out here on my idea. Right now there is the non-paid version for free giving you (approx.) 10 mins a day of playing, leave this as is for people testing it out if they are interested.

Next level is Premium, this should be changed to allow one person access to one instrument and include the premium+ songs by artists.

The final one should be changed to the Family plan option (Premium+ currently). Instead of currently you are giving one person access to all instruments including the premium songs. You should change it to say give 5 license. One person is the "main" account holder that can change and pay for the subscription. In this option said person can add other subs to his profile.

Once this is set up you can assign license to these people. For example you are interested in learning guitar and bass, so this would use up 2 of the licenses leaving 3 remaining. Your significant other is interested in singing so you give 1 license to them. Then finally your child is also interested in guitar and piano so you give them the last 2 license.

That is just and example and you can mash it up in any way you want, you could be a family of 5 and all want to learn guitar. This way each family member can track there progress, even make it a bit of a competition between one another if that's your thing.

Lastly this family package option should allow everyone to be able to log in at the same time for practice. Hope something like this can get added into the program, I love that I can play songs from artists but find it personally was a waste that I have no interest in learning the other instruments but have to pay for that level for the premium songs.
By heismyadonai
+1 as well. As a mother of 6, there is no way I can pay for 8 subscriptions for our family. At that price I'd be able to hire a private live-in instructor.... not really, but you get the point. I would pay in a heartbeat if even a handful of us could be on a family account. The lack of a family plan hinders me from giving you ANY of my money as I don't want to be unfair by choosing one child over another to have a subscription. Honestly, despite giving more service for the money, you'd probably make MUCH more money as so many more people would be willing to open their wallets for their children. ;)
By bubugian
I stop using Yousician because it miss a family plan.
Also a simple feature (single account) that permit to save and restore progress in different files could be enough !

I'm ready to subscribe again..
By jrhurst151
+1 for this. Right now we are all "sheltering in place". The kids are using this time to learn instruments! Awesome! but they are frustrated by all having to use the same profile. Would be great to be able to have multiple profiles within the same account.
By sjatmusic
looks like they don't care about customer feedback. in these all-athome time we need family subscription. what other tools are you using ?
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