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By Pekka K
Here are the tested and supported audio interfaces for Mac and Windows machines. If you have a new one that works or doesn't work, please comment it on this topic, thanks!

Plug and Play for Mac:

iRig Pro, iRig HD

Rocksmith Cable


Easy setup for Mac:

Native Instruments Rig Kontrol 3
Tips: Make sure to turn the gain on the input controller up to at least 75% as it comes out rather quiet in GuitarBots.

USB-Guitar cable with built in sound chip
Tips: Before you start playing go into preferences and bump up the sound input level

Expert setup for Mac:

Avid M-Audio Fast Track
Tips: Doesn't work unless you connect guitar thru direct box and into microphone cable port since Yousician doesn't have support for multi line input devices it get channel 1 which is the microphone channel. I use an adapter that takes my guitar cable and reduces it to the size that fits into the line in port on my macbook pro in order to play. Support to allow input two (guitar input) on my audio interface would be a preferred method.

RME Fireface UCX
Tips: After selecting your audio interface in Yousician, you will notice there are no input source selection as Yousician will only use analog 1 as the input! While this works great out of the box if you have a DI box feeding into analog 1, however if you don't have a DI available and wish to use the Hi-Z inputs 3/4 you will need to do some routing in TotalMix.

If you're plugging in direct make sure the input channel you're using is set to Inst. Set gain accordingly. Then select AN1/2 at the Hardware Output. Command-click the input channel your guitar is plugged into to 0.0dB and make sure any other faders in the Hardware input and Software Playback is set all the way down for AN 1/2. Activate the loopback button in the AN1/2 settings, set to 0.0dB and Yousician should now detect your guitar. If it still doesn't work, make sure to close any applications that may be using the inputs. To hear yourself playing just make sure to feed some of the guitar signal into your main mix.

Additional: if you want to use effects such as distortion, you can open your favourite guitar effect software and select 3/4 as your input as Yousician is only using AN1/2. Whatever you do inside your amp sim will not affect Yousician so you can use as much effects as you desire.

Plug and Play for Win:

Real Tone Cable (Rocksmith Cable)
Tips: adjust the input levels of the cable in windows to your preference like you would with a microphone

Focusride Saffire Pro 14 (Firewire Interface)
Notes: Getting Effects over Amplitube running same time and it works perfect for me

Standard male-male 3.5 jack with 6.5 adapter to guitar and line in
Tips: Ensure that you have your guitar volume to max and the line in levels to about 15

Easy setup for Win:

Line6 PocketPod
Tips: Guitar-pod-line in jack, select champagne setting, turn all the knobs to minimum except volume, bring up Yousician tuner and set the guitar volume to the perfect pitch between notes.

Golden Age Project Pre73 DI into Echo-Audio Audiofire 8a
Tips: Yousician wants to see the guitar on channel 1, i.e. Left. This means lots of "solo artist mic plus guitar"" interfaces - tascam US144 etc - won't work because the guitar DI is only on channel 2 (right) and Windows has nothing (I've found) like Linux's Jack to allow channels to be swapped. The Audiofire has 8 channels in and Windows8 allowed these to be four stereo pairs. The Gap Pre 73 was connected to channel 3 and all was well. Windows8.1 has decided the audiofire has one 8 channel input and Yousician only works if the guitar comes in through the front panel left input. The Audiofire has a thin sounding DI but the Gap Pre73 DI sounds great. FYI the Warm WA12 sounds even better as a DI but Yousician can't deal with the "rich fruity" sound it produces. Also the Audiofire mixer allows the monitoring balance to be set nicely.

Fender Mustang III v2
Tips: You have to install the Fender ASIO drivers to make the amp appear in the Yousician menu. Set the USB-Gain-Level in the Fender Fuse menu.

Boss ME-70
Tips: Boss ME-70 - rec out/phones - jack to mini jack cable - into 'mic in' PC. Do not use 'Gt. amp output' into PC, it's full of noise!
I use 'Gt. amp output' to little amp so I can hear my guitars sound a little louder.

Vox amPlug AC30 Guitar Headphone Amp through PC Sound Card Mixer
Tips: Headphone out from Vox AC30 goes into PC soundcard input, Use the Headphone out on the PC. Adjust mix accordingly in the Windows mixer

Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface
Tips: Works perfectly if you connect the guitar to Line 1 (the Mic line)

Line 6 GX and Line 6 Pod Farm, with both classical acoustic and electric
Tips: Need to ensure that Send 1-2 in the Pod Farm Mixer is set to REC: Dry Input.

Wiley. E. Coyote ACME brand guitar cable from Guitar Center; male-male 6.5
Tips: Make sure the guitar volume is almost max (full max vol injects noise/hum on my Strat) and that the line in level is max on the PC.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
Tips: Like other people here I'm using it with Guitar Rig 5 or Amplitube 3 and it works fine (anyway Yousician "hears" the pre-processed sound).

Native Instruments Komplete 6 Audio USB Sound card box.
Tips: Just right click on Windows Speaker icon [next to clock] select recording devices. Scroll to find Komplete 6 input Main click on that and click on set to default. [green tick] Then your pretty much set up. If you want to listen to the input via the box just use the listen tab and check the box to listen to the input, this outputs the guitar sound via the speakers. To output via the box if you have monitor speakers. Bring up the playback devices window and select komplete 6 out 1/2 or 3/4 or 5/6 No need for ASIO or WDMC drivers you can use the other outputs if you have speakers on these outputs as well.

Expert setup for Win:

Behringer Usb guitar link cable
Tips: Uninstall the Behringer driver totally and install ASIO4ALL. Then once you plug the Guitar Link cable in it'll show up in windows as "USB Audio Codec" or something similar. Once you do that Yousician will recognise it. Using ASIO4ALL also has an advantage in that you can still use your computer's default audio card or any other additional ones whereas Behringer's driver will lock out all other sound interfaces.
Get ASIO4ALL at http://www.asio4all.com/
By ChefMmmm
I am using the Digidesign Mbox2 Mini. Usb interface. Using Windows 8.1. Guitar must be plugged into channel 1. Set channel 1 to DI, turn pad on. Interface must be plugged in before launching Yousician. Has a great "Mix" feature which allows you to control the blend of guitar to what is coming out of the computer, ie. Yousician.

I would love to see support for channel 2.
By sporkd2
App does not work with the Scarlett Solo on OSX. The input on my mac shows the sound is coming in but nothing happens when I play during the tutorial.

By wupher
My Tapco Link.firewire 4x6 works fine on my Mac with my electric guitar plugged in to the first input. Didn't seem to like the second.

Haven't tried it with a mic and my acoustic yet; I will post again when I do that.

I also have the Tapco Link.usb and if anybody wants, I can test it out, too.
By iBender70
Daimosmj wrote:
iBender70 wrote:I am using the Apogee Jam with my Mac. Works fine so far.
Have you tried also iPhone/iPad?
Yes, I did. But it seems that this currently doesn't work. :(
By ashevillestorm
Hi. Newbie here. Is it required that a new audio interface be installed, as well as a separate microphone/amp, in order for the guitar to be heard? I'm asking because I started using the app on my Android, and it worked quite well, but I switched to my laptop for convenience and for some reason the app won't pick up any sound from here. I don't know why this would be the case since my Android doesn't have any special dew-hickeys included but my built-in laptop mic works on just about everything besides Yousician.
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