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By Dudeistmonk
ylly wrote:@Dudeistmonk you are killing me.
I have no amp yet (only play using Yousician), but noticed the Blackstar 10 amp is used by a few players.
So I figured that would be a nice amp to start with.
And now you are saying it is no good?! Arghhh :)
Now what should I buy?
The problem with Blackstar and I am only talking about the ID series is that for many people the software doesn't work properly if at all and there is some weird thing that a number of people have experienced where the power cord fails. It actually is an issue inside of the amp and you end up having to send the whole amp back in for warranty repair. Sometimes THAT doesn't even fix it because if they send out another amp with the same issue it is still a problem.

A few amps I messed around with... the THR5 by yamaha is awesome but expensive. I have the Fender Mustang and love it. For $20 more you get a footswitch. Vox also has the VX1 which is only $100 (optional footswitch $50). My pick of the three was the mustang. Had money been of no object I may have gone with the THR5. Hope that helps.
By Dudeistmonk
everyone I have talked to has come to the same conclusion on Blackstar amps as I have. Amazing sound. Zero dependability. Zero customer service. The one plus is Korg does their warranty returns and they are wicked helpful.
By DefiantDJ
I was using my laptop Window 8.1 just fine. I was having trouble with the E Chord, and one of the posts suggested head phone. So I plugged in a set of head phones. It didn't make any difference on the E Chord, HOWEVER, Now I can't hear anything through the sound on my laptop. I have checked the volume and it shows that the speakers are on. But I can't hear anything anymore on Yousician. Help please!!
By andrew.ys.bells
Have you checked the chord trainers in the Cowboy Chords 1: E, Em, Am mission? Is the app able to recognise the E chord there?
Better recognition could be achieved if you play with a pick, not fingers.
Short strums are recognised better.

Please try to relaunch the app with the headphones plugged in and check the sound settings under SETTINGS --> Game --> Volume
By 3thirddog
Help. This is the first time I've plugged my guitar into my computer. I bought a Behringer Guitar Link UC6102. Plugged it in, Yousician recognized my guitar right away. I didn't install any software as I heard bad things about it and wasn't sure it was what I needed.

I also was able to plug in headphones into the device. Works great, except I cannot hear my electric guitar on the computer. Is there any way that my guitar can be heard on the computer also? Is that what the ASIO4All interface does? I downloaded ASIO4all but have no idea what to do next. I'm afraid to mess it up so Yousician can not longer hear my guitar. Does this make sense? Thanks
By ylly
Explain a bit more what your setup is.
Did you use the line-in input of your soundcard?
What device are you using, what operating system?
By andrew.ys.bells

When playing an electric guitar connected with a cable you can install additional free guitar amp software (like AmpKit or Amplitube) to get electric guitar effects and listen to the effected signal from your headphones while you are playing with Yousician guitar. When using AmpKit make sure to enable "multitasking".
By 3thirddog
Thanks for the input! I have a PC using windows 10. I just plugged the Behringer into the USB port, opened yousician and played. The Behringer has an input for phones which I used. I'll try the software suggested. I guess the question I have is "what will using ASIO4All do for me? Will it allow me to hear my guitar using the suggested amp software? I probably sound really stupid.
By ylly
I am on Windows 8 and not using any additional software.

Did you check the settings of Recording Devices?
It should list your input device, go to properties/settings (right-click) go to the tab "Listen" (second tab) and check the "Listen to this device" option.
Not completely sure about the name of the tab as I am using Windows in a different language.
By deathtomayo
I've found it really easy to use the Line 6 Pod HD Pro and my M-Audio Fast Track Pro with their respective drivers being recognized by Yousician. I set up my amp software then start Yousician and it seems to work fairly well as Yousician is only getting the DI signal. I had a little more trouble setting up a friend's older version of a Fast Track but that's because input 1 was XLR and we couldn't do a simple direct in. I'm sure a different driver or an adapter would have fixed the problem.
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