Having difficulties with Yousician? Look here for help. Check the stickies first!
By philip0908
Lexicon Alpha USB Audio Interface works with a Mac!
By temaat89
Audtion Input: Apogee Jam 96K
OS: Windows 10

Using ASIO4ALL v2.12 and yousician recognizes the Apogee as a device to you but I am getting the following error when trying to play a song:

"Yousician failed to start recording. Yousician could not start recording with the current audio device Microphone (Jam 96k)

To get rid of the error, I need to exit out of yousician all together.

Has anyone else had luck getting a setup like this to work?
By Antmax
I'm using the Presonus iOne USB interface. I had a little trouble at first because yousician recognizes the notes from the XLR mic channel 1 input and doesn't seem to like the channel 2 instrument input. Perhaps it's a windows thing where yousician is looking for a mic and only checks the mic channel.

You can get XLR adapters or XLR to TS instrument cables. So it's not a big deal. It did take a while for me to figure it out though. Works great now though.
By kyrosteinius

I've tested IRIG UA with a laptop with windows 10. It's works fine.

Otherwise, yousician with IRIG UA on galaxy tab S2 doesn't work. Yousician crash when a music start.
By Bazu08

I just bought a Steinberg UR12 audio interface.

Could it be possible to be compatible with the Jack (imput2) line ?

Yousician only recognize the mic port.

Thank you :)
By tlangner
Hey! I just installed the Android app on my Nexus 5x phone featuring Android 6.0. Despite allowing the app to access the microphone in the permissions section within app info, the app shows "Recording device: Unknown" in the settings and I cannot use the app properly. Is this a know feature or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Tobias
By Insanitaeter

im using a Steinberg UR-22 Mk II Audio Interface.

It works with Yousician.

But only with Input 1. Input 2 is the one with Hi-Z and more suitable.
Would be nice if there is a possibility the choose the inputs :)
By Trolleboy
Got a MacBook Pro and a electric guitar.

Using i Rig 2 to connect to the computer.
Yousician hears the guitar fine but the computer tries to play the sound on the sound port to i Rig 2 instead of the built in loudspeakers so I hear nothing.
Is there a simple solution for this or do I have to get headphones or a external speaker setup to get this working?

BR Paul
By Maanki
I'm using a Sonuus i2M Musicport (Midi interface) with a Macbook pro. Works fine, though no sound from guitar and if I use Garageband for the sound output I lose sound from Yousiician
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