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By Jestafy
Today is the 23rd, and yesterday I got this program. I started the Ukulele track and I completed the fingerpicking section all the way through One Finger per Fret and I was half way through the four chords section. I started it up today and all my progress was lost.
By roy-t
I had this exact same problem today. I downloaded the PC version yesterday and completed (for Ukelele) the whole "Uke" chapter and parts of the "Playing Melodies" and "Strumming Chords" chapters. Today all my progress was gone.

As 'proof' that I did progress yesterday is that it still remembers I want to learn the Ukulele and that I have still favorited the song "Lazy Sunday" and I can still access/play that but all other things seem gone.

Anyone know how this could happen or could be prevented? I tried quitting the program a few times after again completing the "Uke" chapter today. But it seems it keeps remembering now.
By andrew.ys.bells
Could you please answer one question to help us understand the issue better:

Did you get the progress by playing skill tests in succession and then exiting or closing the application OR by playing single mission after single mission?

By xxrobinxx
Hi, this happened to me too. I was doing the missions. I didn't log out, I just closed the app. (I'm using iPad.). Thankfully I'm only level 2. I guess log out each time?

I'm glad i checked support forums, I had thought it was the end of a trial!
By ChrisBrantley
I was working my way through the piano missions and had reached level 3. I was about to upgrade my account and become a paid subscriber. Today I logged in to the app and all my progress is lost! The only unlocked mission is the "Start Here" mission at the very beginning. It also says my level is 0.

This is extremely frustrating. Can anyone help me restore my progress?

This is what I've tried so far:
- signing out and sign in again
- I completely closed the iOS app and re-launched
- I tried downloading the Desktop app for mac but I'm getting the same thing

Please help. I'd like to continue and become a subscriber.
By Spinningwoman
Will you let us know when this is sorted? I would like to use the piano option as well as uke, but I'm scared to risk losing my progress. So I have set up an extra ID for piano, but obviously if I want to go premium on piano as well I will have to use the same ID for both.
By Spinningwoman
This is quite scary; I hope you get it sorted. This happened to me just now despite having set up a separate account on a different email address to try the piano option. I logged out of the piano ID and logged in (same iPad, not completely exiting app between) on my ukulele premium account. Everything was back to zero and locked. Thank goodness, when I immediately exited the app and re-opened it it gave me the login screen again and this time when I entered my main ukulele account, although it still said level zero, my progress was correctly unlocked and I could do the current mission. When I returned to the home screen it had correctly updated my level to 3. From my experience I wonder whether it is an issue to do with the app not refreshing properly. I am not going to risk using the piano option again on the iPad until you tell me it is sorted. Thanks. I hope this is a priority as it is definitely stopping me from going for the multi-instrument premium option.
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