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By Ekuley
Has anyone else noticed that sometimes after replaying a song your high score will increase even though you didn't actually achieve said high score?

I'm thinking it has something to do with taking your best score for each "part" of the song and using that for your high score. I take issue with that, because now on some songs I have a high score that I have yet to achieve in one go, and still haven't even come close to some of the high scores.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is this a bug?

By Spinningwoman
I think that's just the way it works. I don't think you have to get the score all in one go.
By rogue_code
Yeah, Spinningwoman is correct: your overall high score is the sum of your high scores from all of the parts of the song. So if you mess up in parts one and two and yet get a better score than you have before on part 3, your overall high score will still go up.
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