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Can I turn it off?

I'm well aware that it was well done, (But not well enough yet because I only have 1 silver star). and I got that I can continue to then next exercise after about the 3rd try. Do I have to listen to it tell me that after every try? I get it, I get it! It's a cool feature but becomes slightly annoying after, oh say, the hundredth attempt! Hopefully it's just some silly feature, a box that I can uncheck in settings somewhere that I'm overlooking perhaps?. :)
Well Done! You can continue to the next exercise
hmmm, 20 times a day times 365 days.... it only has to tell me it about 7.000 more times :)

PS. I absolutely love yousician! Thank you for such an awesome product!! and keep up the great work!!

On the same note (!), can we have back the option that GuitarBots had to turn off the menu music? Yes, the music's cool, I tend to hum along to it or play over it, but somewhere around the 2734th time I heard it I felt I was kinda tired of it.
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